PFB President Hoffman Discusses Top Priorities at Annual Meeting Press Conference

HERSHEY – Pennsylvania Farm Bureau (PFB) is urging lawmakers in Harrisburg and D.C. to address Multiple key issues that will build resiliency in the agriculture community, Farm Bill, Dairy issues, Crop Damage, ACAP and more.

These priorities have been put at the forefront of PFB to aid in building a strong foundation for the agriculture community and our members.
“Pennsylvania must prioritize the education and introduction of the younger generation to the field of farming. It is concerning to witness a decline in the number of young farmers, and we aim to address this issue with the assistance of the Farm Bureau and our constituents,” Pennsylvania Farm Bureau President Chris Hoffman said during a news conference held as part of PFB’s 73nd Annual Meeting.

“As we look towards the future, it is important to evaluate whether Pennsylvania farmers possess all the necessary tools and resources,” Hoffman added. “It is crucial that we proactively tackle future challenges to ensure the resilience of our farmers and rural communities.”
Hoffman noted that Pennsylvania Farm Bureau knows the importance of growth and success of rural Pennsylvania. To achieve this, the necessary infrastructure investments, including broadband, must be made.

Pennsylvania Farm Bureau also urged federal policymakers to ensure that agriculture is included in discussions about climate and sustainability, and to recognize the positive efforts already being made by farmers in these areas. Farmers are increasing food production while reducing inputs, but to enhance the farming industry, policymakers everywhere must maintain their support for agriculture, Hoffman said.

“We are working tirelessly to build relationships in Pennsylvania and around the country,” Hoffman said. “With these relationships we can start looking forward to a bright future for agriculture not only in Pennsylvania, but across the nation.”

Farm Bureau is urging Pennsylvania legislators to pass legislation that will help further develop and protect the future of agriculture. Establishing these connections will not only help this generation of farms, but the generation of farms that are yet to come.

Lastly, Pennsylvania Farm Bureau is looks to state and federal lawmakers to work in a bipartisan manner to correct all issues facing agriculturist today.

“We have the necessary resources – land, climate, and market accessibility,” Hoffman said. “It is imperative that we make every effort to promote Pennsylvania as an exceptional farming destination.”

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