PA Wine Production Rises from 5th to 4th in Nation — Agriculture Department Releases New Data on Economic Impact of Pennsylvania’s Wine and Grape Industry

Governor Shapiro’s Proposed 2024-25 Budget Invests in Continuing Industry Growth and Innovation

Harrisburg, PA – Today, the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture released findings from its 2023 study, Economic Impact of the Pennsylvania Grape & Wine Industry. The study, funded by the department’s Wine Marketing and Research Program, found that the industry supports 10,756 jobs, paying wages of $518.2 million, and directly contributing $1.77 billion to the state economy annually. Pennsylvania ranks 4th in wine production in the nation, up from 5th in 2018. Grape production in PA has grown by about 970 tons per year in that period.

Governor Josh Shapiro’s 2024-25 budget provides meaningful new support for continued growth in Pennsylvania agriculture by investing in innovation, jobs, conservation, economic and workforce development, and the higher education institutions providing research critical to protecting the industry’s future.

“Pennsylvania’s wine and grape industry is a tremendous asset to our economy and undeniably adds to quality of life in every region of the state,” Sec. Redding said. “The thriving industry brings visitors to our countryside and small towns, provides nutritious juice for our youngest consumers, and wines that pair with locally-grown foods on restaurant and family tables. The Shapiro Administration is proud to invest in the industry’s future and the future of families and communities who depend on it.”

The study encompassed data on wine and juice grape vineyards, juice processors, wine wholesale and retail sales, research and education, wineries, and wine tourism. Fresh table grapes are not included in the data.

Millions of visitors to Pennsylvania’s 326 wineries generate $747 million in tourism revenue every year.

Governor Shapiro’s budget and new economic development strategy recognize agriculture, including the wine and grape sector, as a critical economic driver. To continue Pennsylvania’s position as a center of cutting-edge industry research, and its legacy as a national leader 2024-25 budget proposes investing:

  • $10.3 million in agriculture innovation to help support and attract new agricultural businesses, including energy and conservation endeavors, and to continue to build the future of American agriculture right here in Pennsylvania.
  • $145,000 for a novel pest detection program using dogs to prevent pest outbreaks without the expensive and potentially harmful use of pesticides.
  • $2.18 million in Agriculture Research to help the industry embrace emerging technologies, stay ahead of challenges like diseases, pests, and climate change to stay at the cutting edge of progress.
  • $8 million for the Agriculture Conservation Assistance Program to fund measures that protect soil and water resources critical for sustaining agriculture in the future.
  • $2.9 million for trademark licensing for PA Preferred®, Pennsylvania’s official brand for locally-grown agricultural products and increase consumer confidence in the quality and integrity of organic foods.
  • $13 million to fund the historic PA Farm Bill, which feeds progress across Pennsylvania’s $132 billion agriculture industry through grants and initiatives that build the future workforce, promote sales of PA-grown and made products, expand market opportunities, conserve resources and more.

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