Reasons to Join

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Why Farmers Should
Become Members

Farm Bureau members are leading together.

When farmers notice a problem, they want to fix it. Sometimes, the problems are too big for one farmer to fix. The members of Farm Bureau are working together to make real change to advance agriculture in Pennsylvania.

Whether it’s easing regulations on high tunnels, changing a law to allow wider equipment on the roads, or making it easier to expand agritourism, we’re leading the way forward together. When one member has an idea, thousands of members make it a reality. Join us by becoming a member of Farm Bureau today and take advantage of benefits such as:

  • The united voice of Pennsylvania’s largest general farm organization advocating for you.
  • The opportunity to shape the future of Pennsylvania agriculture through Farm Bureau’s grassroots advocacy and policy development. Your membership gives you a voice in shaping Farm Bureau’s advocacy
  • A chance to network with farmers across the nation and build relationships with elected officials at every level of government.
  • Access to important information to help you manage and improve your operation.
  • Your share of $2.5 million in annual savings available through dozens of member benefits as well as local discounts.
  • Opportunities to educate consumers about agriculture through initiatives like Ag Literacy Week, the Mobile Ag Lab program, and more than 160 county outreach events.

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Why Everyone Should

You don’t have to be a farmer to be a Farm Bureau member.

Farm Bureau members care about the stories behind their food and drink and are dedicated to supporting the farmers who make it all happen. Their membership supports our efforts to preserve the state’s agricultural heritage and ensure that family farms can continue to produce local food, grow their communities and promote responsible stewardship of the land and natural resources. At the same time—through Positively Pennsylvania magazine—our non-farming members get the inside scoop on farm-to-table cuisine, craft beverages and farm-fresh food right from the people with the most intimate knowledge of Pennsylvania food culture: our state’s farmers.

That’s in addition to the wide range of benefits that come with Farm Bureau membership—from a major discounts on amusement park tickets to savings on vehicles, utilities, prescription drugs, hotels, car rentals, household supplies and more many more everyday purchases.

Pennsylvania Farm Bureau’s mission is simple: Growing Communities. Many Voices. United Vision. We believe that’s a cause that everyone—not just farmers—can get behind. Farm Bureau members play an important role in our efforts that extend far beyond agriculture, from our annual charitable campaign to benefit Ronald McDonald House charities to our advocacy to get farm-fresh products into food banks and for rural communities to have access to quality health care, infrastructure and internet access.

Local Discounts

We know you work hard for your money and your membership should too. With Local Discounts, now there’s even more to membership. Take advantage of discounts from local businesses and see how the savings stack up!

Local Discounts

Member Benefits

Pennsylvania Farm Bureau offers its members special group pricing on many products and services. Individual counties may offer additional benefits. Check for more information in your county newsletter.

Member Publications

All Farm Bureau members receive Grassroots Advocate* – our twice-quarterly newspaper featuring ag news, policy and advocacy updates, and member benefits stories – and Positively Pennsylvania – our quarterly magazine showcasing the food and culture that make Pennsylvania a great state.

*Grassroots Advocate was previously called Country Focus.

*Requires your membership number. Contact member relations if you have lost your number.

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Organized from the Grassroots Up

Pennsylvania’s 57 County Farm Bureaus are the foundation of our organization. They lead efforts to advocate for agriculture on the local level, serve their communities and help the public learn about agriculture. County Farm Bureaus play a crucial role in determining what issues Farm Bureau will stand for or against. Policy positions are first voted upon by members at county Farm Bureau annual meetings before going on to be considered by delegates from across the state at the Pennsylvania Farm Bureau annual meeting.

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