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Electricity Reward Program

Earn cash back rewards on your energy bills!
NRG can help members earn cash back just by paying their home or business electric and natural gas bills. You’ll earn cash back while still receiving the same delivery service from your local utility company.

Enroll now and receive:

•    A $50 sign-up bonus after 2 months as an NRG Home customer1
•    5% cash back annually on the supply portion of your energy bills2

Plans available in your area*

Two Ways to Sign Up

By Phone



PFB Discount Code

to receive the variable pricing offer.


NRG Website

to receive the variable pricing offer.


Your PFB Membership Number

in the registration form to receive the variable pricing offer.

*Members must use the link below or call 1-855-692-8330 and mention discount code to receive the variable pricing offer.  NRG terms and conditions apply. Savings are not guaranteed and NRG prices may be higher than your utility’s supply rate.  See the enrollment website for Important Offer Details.