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Farmer and brewer inspect grain at Ramsburg Farm

Are Farmers

Farm Bureau is an organization representing farm families engaged in all types of agriculture—from farms of every size and commodity to craft breweries, distilleries, wineries and cideries to farm-to-table restaurants and agritourism experiences.

Farm Bureau members are leading together from the grassroots up. The direction of our organization and our stances on issues are shaped by the men and women of Pennsylvania agriculture.

Teahers learn about beekeeping at Friends of Ag Foundation's Educators Ag Institute

Are Supporters of Agriculture

Farm Bureau members care about the stories behind their food and drink and are dedicated to supporting the farmers who make it all happen.

Their membership supports Pennsylvania Farm Bureau’s efforts to preserve the state’s agricultural heritage and ensure that family farms can continue to produce local food, grow their communities and promote responsible stewardship of the land and natural resources.

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People united around food, environment, and community.