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This page contains news feeds and helpful links for issues related to farming and the farm industry.

Topics covered include: agritourism liability, animal & wildlife, energy/environment, farm safety, financial, labor, marketing, natural gas development, Pennsylvania’s Acre Law, Risk Management, Crop Insurance, Taxes and Transportation.


Farm Transitioning

Nationwide Land as Your Legacy

Nationwide – Land as Your Legacy

You devote a significant part of your life to your family business, which represents one of your most valued assets. One day, this will be the legacy you pass on to the next generation. Nationwide developed the Land As Your Legacy program to assist farm owners like you in making the critical decisions that help to secure your farm as a family business. Transition planning may seem like something only the wealthy need to worry about, but it’s really just a way to ensure that your home and other assets are distributed the way that you want after you’re gone. Nationwide’s Land As Your Legacy program is here to help you throughout the entire transition planning process.


Center for Farm Transitions

Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture — The Center for Farm Transitions is staffed by personnel who have knowledge and experience in many aspects of issues faced by a farmer in transition. The Center can assist: beginning farmers; next generation family farmers; retiring farmers; relocating farmers; and farmers wishing to expand, develop new areas of their operation or convert to another type of farm. If your situation is unique, the Center’s staff will research your situation and work with you to develop a plan of action.

Center for Farm Transitions

PA Farm Link

Pennsylvania Farm Link, a 501c3 non-profit, is dedicated to the mission of creating farming opportunities for the next generation; with the goal of ensuring farmlands such as these stay in farming. This is accomplished through an online database. 

Pennsylvania Farm Link