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Agricultural Emergency Situations Guide 2021

This guide has been developed to aid emergency dispatchers and emergency responders in South Central Pennsylvania to manage incidents involving animals.
Use this guide in accordance with local protocols.

Livestock & Poultry Mortality Disposal in Pennsylvania (brochure)
Properly managing and disposing of dead farm animals is important. Every livestock and poultry operation should have a strategy for properly disposing of dead stock. The strategy must follow a legal disposal method as defined in the PA Domestic Animal Act. The four legal methods of disposal are mortality composting, rendering, incineration and burial.


Large animal veterinarian

Wildlife Management

Feral Swine

Feral swine are not classed as a protected species of “wildlife” under Pennsylvania’s Game Code. They have no license requirements or season. As feral swine populations grow in PA, rural farmers need to be aware of human and animal health issues as well as crop, field and environmental damage as a result of localized populations. Reporting of sightings of feral swing to the Department of Agriculture and PA Game Commission are recommended.

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