voting delegate session

Pennsylvania’s 54 county Farm Bureaus are the foundation of our organization.

They lead efforts to advocate for agriculture on the local level, serve their communities and help the public learn about agriculture. County Farm Bureaus play a crucial role in determining what issues Farm Bureau will stand for or against. Policy positions are first voted upon by members at county Farm Bureau annual meetings before going on to be considered by delegates from across the state.

Each county Farm Bureau elects a Board of Directors and appoints key committees. Voting delegates representing each county Farm Bureau elect PFB’s State Board of Directors, president and vice president.

Recognize Your Grassroots Member Volunteers


The strength and credibility of Farm Bureau has always been dependent upon the dedication of the volunteer grassroots member. Many of those local volunteers never receive the deserved recognition they should for their tireless dedication to the organization. The demands of operating efficient and financially viable farm operations in these challenging times makes it even more difficult for our grassroots leaders to commit time to the organization. Pennsylvania Farm Bureau would like to continue to make a concerted effort to recognize current volunteers who are generously dedicating their time on behalf of their fellow members in the organization. Our volunteers will be recognized in Grassroots Advocate, under “Advocate Spotlight”, as well as on our website.

Nominations must be submitted by county farm bureaus and the nominee must be a farm bureau member. Each quarter a winner will be chosen to be featured. All nominations will be kept on file for future consideration.