Oral Wellness Newsletter – August 2021

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Cavities can cause kids to miss school …

Kids who have cavities can be in a lot of pain. Imagine trying to pay attention in math class when your back molar is throbbing.

In fact, children with poor oral health often miss more school than kids with healthy mouths.[1] They may also get lower grades. Untreated cavities can cause problems with eating, talking and playing, too.[1]

So many kids have tooth decay that cavities are actually considered a childhood disease.[1] But you’ll be happy to know that cavities are preventable. All it takes is a daily routine of brushing and flossing; plus regular cleanings and checkups at the dentist office.

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…and adults to miss work.

Adults with dental problems often end up missing hours to go get treatment.[2] That could mean a smaller paycheck – and a grumpy boss because things aren’t getting done at work.

Dental disease can be caught during routine dental exams and treated early before it becomes serious. Most United Concordia Dental plans cover preventive dental visits and cleanings at 100%, so make sure to visit the dentist regularly.*

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* Frequency limitations may apply. Please check your plan details.

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