PFB group dental plans office visitAs a Pennsylvania Farm Bureau Member, you are entitled to competitively priced Group Dental Insurance by enrolling in one of the Farm Bureau’s two dental plans through United Concordia.

A quality dental plan helps you take charge of your oral health. Your teeth and gums are important for almost everything you do in a day—from speaking and eating to living without pain or bad breath. Recent research shows that taking care of your mouth can:

• Help you manage diabetes
• Dramatically reduce hospitalizations and medical costs
• Stop dental conditions before they become major problems


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Group Dental Insurance Enrollment Guidelines

The Special Enrollment Period (SEP) is currently in effect.*

Individuals who didn’t enroll at the end of 2020 for health insurance coverage for 2021 during Open Enrollment, will need to currently qualify for a Special Enrollment Period to obtain health insurance coverage. A special enrollment period is a window which allows an individual to enroll in an individual health insurance plan outside the annual open enrollment period. Special enrollment is “triggered” by certain qualifying events that are defined by law. In most cases, special enrollment periods last 60 days from the date of the qualifying event.

*Eligible employers who want to provide coverage for their employees may apply for group coverage anytime during the year.

New Farm Bureau Members:

  • May enroll in any of these plans, any time, during the first 60 days of your membership. Otherwise, you are required to wait until the next open enrollment period to enroll.

Current Farm Bureau Members:

  • Must enroll for group dental insurance during the open enrollment period (Nov/Dec for a January 1st effective date).
  • If you miss an open enrollment period, you will be required to wait for the next open enrollment period to apply for coverage.