Accidental Death Insurance

Family AD&D Insurance Information:
The group accidental death and dismemberment policy covers each qualified member of the family. The value of the group policy increases $300 annually to a maximum of $3,100 for consecutive renewals before January 1st of each year.

The basic amounts payable for a loss are: $1,000 for accidental death; $1,000 for the loss of both hands or both feet; $1,000 for one hand and one eye or one foot and one eye or one hand and one foot; and $500 for the loss of one hand or one foot or one eye (see column at right for exclusions).

This policy does not pay benefits for: (a) Any loss resulting from an accident arising out of the use or occupancy of any land motor vehicle designed and licensed for use on the public roads. (b) Any loss resulting from suicide or intentionally self-inflicting injury, while sane or insane; ptomaines or food poisoning; bacterial infections (except pyogenic infection which shall occur through or with accidental cut or wound); any disease, war, or act of war; or any participation by the insured in any civil disturbance.