Farm Bureau Supports Greater Public Access to Biosecurity Information, Urges Governor’s Signature on Senate Bill 979

Farm Bureau Supports Greater Public Access to Biosecurity Information, Urges Governor’s Signature on Senate Bill 979

For Immediate Release: April 17, 2024

Contact:         David Varner, Pennsylvania Farm Bureau

Phone:            717-731-3541


Pennsylvania Farm Bureau applauds the Pennsylvania House of Representatives for its bi-partisan approval of Senate Bill 979, which would give the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture the authority to specifically require the posting of dangerous transmittable disease information at domestic animal and feed locations where animals and feed are offered for public sale. This measure, which previously passed the state Senate unanimously, would promote greater awareness of the need for enhanced biosecurity measures protecting the Commonwealth’s livestock industries to both farmers and the general public.

“Strong, consistently implemented biosecurity practices are essential to help Pennsylvania farmers keep their animals healthy and protect them from diseases that threaten not just the agricultural economy, but the economy of the entire state,” said Farm Bureau President Chris Hoffman. “Pennsylvania Farm Bureau has been a leader in providing timely, accurate biosecurity information to our members and their neighbors, and Senate Bill 979 will assist us in reaching an even wider audience. We thank the House and Senate for their action on this bill, and we urge Gov. Shapiro to swiftly sign it into law.”

Senate Bill 979 would help to ensure that even more Pennsylvanians have the necessary awareness and knowledge to do their part in mitigating the threats posed by serious communicable diseases such as highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) that can devastate segments of the livestock industry. The bill would also be a helpful tool in bringing awareness to those who may not utilize modern communication methods, particularly within plain sect communities who frequent domestic animal and feed locations. Owners of backyard flocks who may not be as attuned to the threats of transmissible diseases would also benefit greatly from postings.

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