Regional Organization Directors

Regional Organization Directors (RODs) in the state Farm Bureau, each representing one of the eight specific geographical regions of Pennsylvania. RODs act as a direct link between the member and other staff and are crucial in the promotion of the philosophy, policies and basic concepts of the county, state and national organization.

The function of Regional Organization Directors is to assist the county leaders in developing and carrying out Farm Bureau programs that will help members to maintain a strong, effective organization to meet their needs. They have the authority to organize and plan activities utilizing all resources available to assist members and volunteer leaders in implementing Farm Bureau policies.

Region 1
Board Districts 2 & 3

Regional Organization Director Ethan Howard

Ethan Howard 

Region 2
Board Districts 7 & 8

Regional Organization Director Justin Clapper

mail iconJustin Clapper

Region 3
Board Districts 9 & 10

Regional Organization Director Kyle Kotzmoyer

mail iconKyle Kotzmoyer

Region 4
Board Districts 11 & 12

Regional Organization Director Joe Diamond

mail iconJoe Diamond

Region 5
Board Districts 15 & 16

Region 6
Board Districts 13 & 14

mail iconIsaac Harrington

Region 7
Board Districts 5 & 6

Regional Organization Director Brendan Reed

mail iconBrendan Reed

Region 8
Board Districts 1 & 4

Regional Organization Director Bob Perhacs

mail iconBob Perhacs

How Does Farm Bureau Support Pennsylvanians?

Ramsburg Farm

Whether it’s local produce bound for the farmers’ markets, grain exported to faraway lands or an equestrian training center, Farm Bureau understands just how much government policies can impact how food is grown, shipped and sold.

Together, we work to ensure farms of all sizes and types can provide consumers safe, affordable and abundant food supplies.

Educators Ag InstituteSupporters of Farm Bureau

Supporters of Farm Bureau are an exclusive group of Pennsylvanians who care about the stories behind their food and drink and are dedicated to supporting the farmers who make it all happen.

Their membership supports Pennsylvania Farm Bureau’s efforts to preserve the state’s agricultural heritage and ensure that family farms can continue to produce local food, grow their communities and promote responsible stewardship of the land and natural resources.