Kiss A Pig Contest to Support Educational Efforts

With National Pig Day coming up March 1, Pennsylvania Farm Bureau President Rick Ebert and Vice President Chris Hoffman have an important question on their minds: Which one of them will kiss a pig?

It’s for a good cause.

Ebert and Hoffman are competing to raise funds for the Pennsylvania Friends of Agriculture Foundation, a charitable organization supported by PFB that promote agriculture literacy and education. Whoever brings in the most bacon gets bragging rights. The other has to smooch a pig.

“We thought this would be a fun way to celebrate National Pig Day while helping to tell the story of how food makes the journey from farm to the dinner plate,” said Hoffman, a pig farmer and the foundation’s vice chair. “Plus, I’ve already picked out my cutest pig for Rick to plant a smacker on.”

“I’ll be standing by with a glass of whole milk to help Chris wash down his pig kiss,” said Ebert, a dairy farmer and the foundation’s chairman. “While we’re having a lot of fun, we’re thrilled to help raise awareness of the foundation’s great programs to educate the public about agriculture.”

Beyond all the hamming it up and the smack talk and the bacon and cheese bribes, both Ebert and Hoffman say they’re happy to participate in the friendly competition regardless of the outcome. While there will be just one porcine pucker-up, the real winner is agriculture.

Money raised will go towards supporting the foundation’s programming, such as the Mobile Ag Ed Science Labs that bring hands-on agriculture science lessons directly to students; Ag Literacy Week, which give students a chance to meet real farmers and learn about agriculture; and Educator’s Ag Institute, which gives teachers the tools to incorporate agriculture into their lesson plans.

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