Q. What are United Concordia Tuition Rewards?

A: Tuition Rewards points are discounts off of tuition and are never awarded in cash. Participating schools reduce their tuition by the amount of Tuition Rewards points you redeem. For example, one Tuition Rewards point = a $1 tuition discount. So, 2,000 Tuition Rewards points is equal to a $2,000 discount.

Q: Who can use the Tuition Rewards points I accumulate?

A: Even if you don’t have children in your immediate family, you can allocate points to nieces, nephews, grandchildren, stepchildren, godchildren, adopted children and more.

Q: How do I identify the students I’m saving for?

A: Once your account is created with SAGE Scholars, you can begin adding eligible students. Each student you register immediately earns a one-time bonus of 500 points!

Q: When should I register my students in the Tuition Rewards program?

A: You can add future students as early as the day they’re born. But students must be registered prior to August 31 of the year they begin 12th grade.

Q: When must I transfer Tuition Rewards points to a student?

A: Points accumulate in your account until you transfer them to a student headed for college. Points must be transferred before August 31 of the student’s 12th grade year. After August 31, students cannot earn or receive points.

Q: Is there a cap on how many Tuition Rewards I can use per child?

A: Yes, students can use Tuition Rewards to get a maximum 25% discount on their total tuition costs, divided evenly over four years of education. For example, if your student’s total tuition is $40,000 per year, you may redeem Tuition Rewards points for up to a $10,000 discount per year.

Q: When should I submit my student’s Tuition Rewards points to a participating college?

A: You must submit the student’s Tuition Rewards points statement within 10 days of application

Q. Can Tuition Rewards be used for graduate school, summer school, evening classes or a part-time classes?

A: No, Tuition Rewards can only be used for full-time, undergraduate education beginning with the freshman year at a participating private college or university.

Q: Are there other ways to earn Tuition Rewards points?

A: Yes, you can earn points through any participating organization such as a bank, credit union, fraternal organization, financial advisory firm or other college funding plan.

Q: What if a student doesn’t use his/her Tuition Rewards points?

A: Tuition Rewards points can be refunded back to your account and transferred to a younger eligible student.

Q: Can my student also receive points from other family members who have Tuition Rewards accounts?

A: Yes. Students may receive Tuition Rewards points from multiple family members.


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