Harvest for All

Young Ag Professionals glean a field

   Make the choice, to help end hunger in Pennsylvania

Young Ag ProfessionalsPFB’s YAP Committee hosts a year-long challenge to all PA Farm Bureau members. The program, in partnership with Feeding America, titled Harvest for All, supports three types of donations to your local food banks: food, time and money. As Pennsylvania’s “first harvesters,” it is our duty to donate what we can, when we can in an effort to create a hunger-free America.

The PA YAP Committee hosts several events to benefit the Harvest for All program including: Silent Auctions at State Annual Meeting and at PA YAP Leadership Conference, Special T-Shirts sold at various events, and the PA YAP Committee Field Gleaning before the State Annual Picnic.

As Pennsylvania’s first harvesters, our role is to donate what we can, when we can. As always, the PFB YAP Committee is looking for innovative ways Pennsylvania harvesters are making a difference at local food banks and pantries. If you, or your county, organizes a unique event, or donates in an unusual way, be sure to fill out our submission form – here – and include details of your event in the comments section. To accomplish our goal of eliminating hunger in Pennsylvania, we need to work together!

To participate, all you need to do is record the food, money and hours you already donate. Both fresh and packaged foods, monetary donations, as well as volunteer hours, are all part of the Harvest for All campaign! Any donations you’ve made since January 1, count toward the current year’s goal.  Once completed, submit your donations online via the form below. The deadline for each year’s donation recording is December 31.

Harvest for All