Farm-tastic County Book Program

What is the Farm-tastic Book Program?

The Farm-tastic Book Program was started by the PA State Women’s Leadership Committee in 2012 to promote agricultural literacy in the public libraries and elementary school libraries within Pennsylvania. The State Women’s Leadership Committee is encouraging the counties to be involved again this year in the Farm-tastic Book Program.

Our Farm-tastic Book Program generates excitement among students of all ages by offering them the opportunity to learn about agriculture through the pages of books. The State Women’s Leadership Committee encourages you to get involved in sharing the agricultural story this year in your county through the Farm-tastic Book Program.

Barn at Night book cover

 2022 – Barn at Night

by Michelle Houts and illustrated by Jen Betton

“In Barn at Night, readers discover the certain magic of a farm in the quiet predawn hours,” said Foundation for Agriculture executive director Daniel Meloy. “It is our hope that this book will illustrate the dedication of farmers and ranchers in caring for their animals, day in and day out, long before the rest of the world springs to life.”

This heartwarming yet true-to-life tale, written by Michelle Houts and illustrated by Jen Betton, invites readers along as a father and daughter go out to the barn on a cold winter night and are welcomed with an enchanting scene. The pair discover who is awake, who is asleep, and who is just making their first appearance in the barn.

Barn at Night is now available for purchase through any
Womens’ Leadership Committee state or local member.

Cost is $10.00 

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What's In the Garden Cover

2021 – What’s in the Garden?

by Marianne Berkes and illustrations by Cris Arbo

Learning about fruits and vegetables becomes fun in What’s in the Garden? This book serves as a garden tool for kids and doubles as a healthy cookbook, with tons of kid-friendly recipes for you to cook with your child. Children at home this summer will be inspired learn about the world around us!

Good food doesn’t begin on a store shelf with a box, it comes from a garden bursting with life, color, sounds, smells, sunshine, moisture, birds, and bees!