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Dr. Charles V. Petty

Family Success Unlimited, Inc.
312 Springmoor Drive Raleigh, NC 27615

Member of:
– National Speakers Hall of Fame
– Legends of the Speaking Profession

Dr. Charles Petty

This year’s Keynote Speaker, will be Charles Petty.  You don’t want to miss his comical, yet inspirational presentation on Wednesday, November 15 at the Closing Celebration.

Charles Petty is President of Family Success Unlimited located in Raleigh, NC. He was reared in the farming communities of England and Stuttgart, Arkansas, and was educated in Arkansas, Mississippi and Texas for 22 consecutive years, which means he is either well educated or a little slow!

Dr. Petty earned a Ph.D. degree in the field of ethics, with a major on marriage, family and sexuality. He wrote his dissertation on the topic of “Divorce.”

Charles learned about the importance of family from the school of hard knocks. His parents divorced when he was five; his mother died four years later of pancreatic cancer; he lived in a blended family for five years; was abandoned at age fifteen to live by himself; when he was sixteen Charles’ father and thirteen-year-old brother were killed in a car accident. He then became a foster child, living on a farm with an aunt and uncle.

Dr. Petty has been a counselor, visiting professor, worked for large corporations in Texas and North Carolina and for seven years was on the North Carolina Governor’s senior staff.

Since 1985 Charles has been a full time motivational work/life balance humorist, speaking to the agri-industry, educators, businesses, trade associations, chamber of commerce, volunteer and civic organizations and government agencies.

Demand for his humor and insight is national and international. He has spoken to over 3600 different clients in 50 states and 15 countries. Audience size ranges from 3 to 27,000. Venues are as diverse as the 21 Club in New York City to Mr. B’s Buffeteria in Hiawassee, Georgia.

Charles has been inducted into the National Speakers Hall Of Fame, and elected a Legend of the Speaking Profession.

Charles and Jamie have been married all their lives, have two grown sons, six grandchildren and a grand dog.