Building Resiliency in the Agriculture Community

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HERSHEY – Pennsylvania Farm Bureau (PFB) is urging state and federal lawmakers to address several key areas that will build resiliency in the agriculture community, including broadband infrastructure, Dairy issues, 2023 Farm Bill and more.

These priorities have risen to the forefront as PFB looks to continue to build a strong foundation for the agriculture community.

“This year our Annual Meeting theme is “All In.” Now more than ever, we need to come together to help solve the issues farmers are facing. As always, the Pennsylvania Farm Bureau is in place to bring problems the individual famer is facing and put it into one powerful voice,” Pennsylvania Farm Bureau President Rick Ebert said during a news conference held as part of PFB’s 72nd Annual Meeting.

“The COVID-19 pandemic demonstrated that rural communities lack reliable high-speed internet service. As a result, rural communities struggle with having access to remote business opportunities, virtual learning, telemedicine,” Ebert added.

Ebert said Pennsylvania Farm Bureau believes in rural Pennsylvania and wants to see these areas grow and succeed. For that to happen, we must make the appropriate infrastructure investments and that includes broadband.

Pennsylvania Farm Bureau further called on policymakers at the federal level to make sure that agriculture has a seat at the table when discussing climate and sustainability and can incorporate the good work that farmers are already doing in these areas. Farmers are growing more food with less inputs, but to improve upon the lifestyle we call farming, policy leaders all over must continue their support of agriculture, Ebert said.

“We can build on the strong relationships we have at the state and federal level,” Ebert said. “In doing so, we can be hopeful the future farmer will be in good hands here in Pennsylvania.”

Farm Bureau is calling on the Pennsylvania office holders to support legislation that will help grow and protect the future of farming. Establishing this connection will not only help this generation of farms, but the generation of farms that are yet to come.

Lastly, Pennsylvania Farm Bureau is hopeful that state and federal lawmakers will begin to work on both sides of the isle to reconcile any and all issues facing the farmer today.

“More than ever consumers want to know who is handling and growing their food. We need to continue this growth between farmer and consumer so our bridges can come closer together,” Ebert said.