kieffer sam web Sam Kieffer 

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 Administrative Secretary/Treasurer
Chief Administrative Officer

Pennsylvania Farm Bureau and the PFB Members Service Corporation operate with a professional staff of 124 men and women led by Administrative Secretary/Treasurer Sam Kieffer. PFB provides its members with a voice in public affairs, information and the opportunity for savings through services and member benefits.

Pennsylvania Farm Bureau serves its members through the following divisions: Governmental Affairs and Communications, Member Relations, MSC Business Services, Safemark and Controllers. 

ToddBailey 400x600Todd Bailey

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 Member Relations

The Member Relations Division is managed by Todd Bailey. The division is the link between the state organization and its 54 county Farm Bureaus. The state is divided into eight regions with assistance provided in each area by a Regional Organization Director (ROD). It conducts a membership drive each year and coordinates county Farm Bureau programs with the local leadership.

JoelRotz 2018web2Joel Rotz

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 Government Affairs & Communications

The Government Affairs & Communications Division is managed by Joel Rotz and is responsible for PFB’s lobbying and communications programs. It works to implement PFB policy objectives in state and national legislative and regulatory activities. It also provides members with information to aid in their involvement in policy development and implementation efforts and informs the public on issues crucial to agriculture and rural life. In addition, the division assists with the marketing of member programs such as Nationwide and builds productive workingrelationships with the news media and other groups.

Mike Volinskie Michael Volinskie

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 MSC Business Services

MSC Business Services is managed by Michael Volinskie. The service offers members a variety of business tools ranging from basic record keeping to complete accounting systems, including computerized tax-filing systems. At each level, the services are designed to help clients improve their net income.

GlenRence Glen Rence

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The Safemark Division is managed by Glen Rence. The division has a full line of tires, twine, tillage and other farm supplies available to members through a network of 450 dealers in Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.

WilliamM webWilliam H. Montgomery

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The Controllers Division is managed by William Montgomery. The division is responsible for corporate records and the administration of the Blue Cross group health insurance program.

Charlene Shupp-Espenshade Charlene Shupp-Espenshade

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 Pennsylvania Friends of Agriculture Foundation

Charlene Shupp-Espenshade is the Executive Director of the Pennsylvania Friends of Agriculture Foundation, a charitable organization supported by PFB. The foundation promotes agriculture literacy and education through in-school and community programs, such as Ag Literacy Week, Mobile Ag Ed Science Lab, Ag on the Go and Educator’s Ag Institute.