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FARMER, Pennsylvania Farm Bureau’s political action committee, is endorsing 85 candidates for the Pennsylvania General Assembly, based on their support for agriculture.

FARMER, which stands for Farmers Allied for Responsive More Effective Representation, is supporting a bipartisan group of candidates who are seeking a term in the General Assembly. Candidates receive FARMER endorsements based on several criteria including voting record, responses to a candidate survey and feedback from county Farm Bureaus. All candidate information is reviewed by an eight-member committee of farmers from across Pennsylvania. FARMER is supported exclusively by donations from farmers and agribusiness professionals. Membership dues are not used in support of our PAC.

Click here to see who FARMER has endorsed for their election the General Assembly.

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Contact us at govcom at or 717.761.2740


Want to support FARMER—
the only political action committee led by farmers? All contributions go to support members of the Pennsylvania General Assembly who are strong
supporters of agriculture.

Send your contributions to:
510 s. 31st Street | Camp Hill PA 17001

Please make personal or PAC checks payable to FARMER.
Corporate contributions are prohibited by law.
Contributions are not tax deductible