Authorization for development of wind power generation systems on preserved farms:

House Bill 920 (Prime Sponsor – Curt Sonney):

House Bill 920 amends the Agricultural Area Security Law to prohibit conservation easements that restrict development of wind power energy generation systems on preserved properties more than 50 acres in area, while establishing a maximum limitation in total area within the preserved property that may be dedicated for wind power development.  For preserved lands of 50 or more acres and less than 150 acres, not more than 2 acres may be dedicated.  For preserved lands of 150 acres or more, the maximum area that may be dedicated would increase by 2 acres for every 50 acres that the land exceeds 100 acres. 

Current Status:
House Bill 920 has been passed by the House and the Senate Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee and is now before the Senate Appropriations Committee.

Pennsylvania Farm Bureau urges the Senate to pass House Bill 920 to the Governor’s desk.