LesherFamily2012 webPennsylvania Farm Bureau (PFB) is a professional organization which is financed and controlled by members. When a family or individual joins, they actually enroll in a County Farm Bureau. There are 54 County Farm Bureaus, serving 66 counties in Pennsylvania.

There are two types of family memberships:     

1) Farmer Member* - a person who is actively engaged in the production of agricultural products, whose principal occupation is farming. Only Farmer members have the privilege of voting on Farm Bureau policy issues.

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2) Non-Farmer Member*
- anyone who is interested in agriculture and where their food comes from, whose family or livelihood benefits from agriculture or is involved with agriculture on a part-time basis. Non-farmer members are able to utilize most privileges of membership
(except for voting on Farm Bureau policy issues). 

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* Membership Dues Are Non-Refundable

Please Note: The membership year is the same as the calendar year.  Persons who join the Farm Bureau for the first time between July 1-December 30 of any year will become members for the rest of that calendar year and for the entire next calendar year.  Persons who join for the first time between January 1-June 30 are members until December 30 of that year. In subsequent years, members receive their first dues notice for the next year's renewal membership on or about September 1.

Back to School Oral Health Checklist

To make sure your child is at the top of their game and has a healthy smile to start a new school year, don’t forget a dental visit as part of their back-to-school checklist. These tips are also a great way to encourage kids to develop good habits early on.


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  • See your dentist:
    Scheduling an exam now means your child will not need to miss school days. Talk to your dentist about sealants and ask if your child is receiving the proper amount of fluoride. Sealants and fluoride help prevent decay

  • Practice good hygiene everywhere:
    Make sure to include a travel-size toothbrush, floss and toothpaste in your child’s back-to-school items. Regular brushing and flossing are necessary for cavity prevention and good oral health. Brushing twice per day and flossing is essential, even for children

  • Ditch the sugar:
    Replace soda or high sugar beverages with water. Encourage healthier options such as fruits, raw veggies or lean protein instead of candy bars, ice cream and other not-so-great after school snacks that are high in sugar

  • Wear a mouth guard:
    They may not be a typical part of your child’s sports uniform, but they are smart! If your child plays sports, mouth guards are certainly worth the investment. Not only do they protect the teeth, but also the cheeks, tongue and the jaw. 


United Concordia Dental


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