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by Kim Binczewski (Author), Bethany Econopouly (Author), Hayelin Choi (Illustrator)

It’s Saturday and Iris has to feed her many pets before Aunt Mary arrives. Iris likes to call Aunt Mary “Plant Mary” because she is a plant scientist.

Today Aunt Mary wants to experiment with making whole wheat sourdough bread from scratch! As the family kitchen transforms into a bread lab, Iris is surprised that bread needs only four ingredients―flour, water, salt and starter. She also learns about the invisible microbes that make the dough rise, and how flour comes from wheat grown by farmers. It not magic, it’s really science.



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From Grains to What?
Corn: cereal, nachos, soda, fuel, matches, toothpaste, stamps
Wheat: cereal, bread, pasta, paper, stamps
Soybeans: cereal, chocolate, vegetable oil, fuel, ink, candles


 Grain Math

1. 130 bushels of corn per acre x 400 cans of soda per bushel=52,000 cans of soda / 6 cans per pack =8,667 six packs per acre of corn
2. 44 bushels of soybeans per acre x 1,872 crayons per bushel = 82,368 crayons/8 per box = 10,296 boxes of crayons per acre of soybeans
3. 65 bushels of wheat per acre x 90 loaves of bread per bushel = 5,850 loaves of bread per acre of wheat