Dairy MSC Business Services Analysis Cost of Production Estimator (Spreadsheet)

The most accurate way to calculate Cost of Production is through the use of accrued numbers. Since the MSC Business Services Analysis includes accrued numbers, it makes an excellent starting point for further analysis.

To complete the spreadsheet, any farmer using the MSC Business Services' Farm Management Service can easily enter the 15 numbers from his annual Business Analysis report.  The accuracy of the Cost of Production rises with the accuracy of these inputs.

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Low or No-Cost Profit Ideas

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Best Management Practices Quiz

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Dairy Cost of Production Estimator (Spreadsheet)

The dairy Cost of Production Estimator is a cash basis, multi-year spreadsheet that, in most cases, will provide the dairy operator with a reasonably accurate Cost of Production for milk.  This estimator is in Excel format and is "whole farm".  A whole farm format eliminates the assumption in other similar spreadsheets that all activities other than milk production break even.

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Dairy Cost of Production Estimator (Longhand)

This is a longhand alternative to a computerized spreadsheet for those interested in calculating Cost of Production. The results of this estimator are only as good as the information a user provides.

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