Urine Color

What the Color of Your Urine Says About Your Health:


Transparent – You are over-hydrated and have been drinking a lot of water. You may want to cut back.

  Pale Yellow – You are healthy and hydrated.



  Transparent Yellow – You are normal.

  Dark Yellow – You are normal, but need to drink more water.
  Brownish Orange – You are dehydrated or are showing signs of possible liver disease.
  Pinkish Red – Have you eaten beets or blueberries? If not, it could be a possible sign of kidney disease, UTI or tumor.
  Blue or Green – This could be a sign of a rare genetic disease. But it is probably from food dye in something you ate. See your doctor if it continues.
  Foamy – Harmless if it happens occasionally, but it could be a sign of kidney disease.

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