Women's Leadership Committee Members

Above, Women's Leadership committee members representing Pennsylvania
at the American Farm Bureau Annual Meeting


Farm Bureau is an organization formed by, and for, members. Members who are actively involved in committees and other organizational programs are the lifeblood of Pennsylvania Farm Bureau achievements.

Listed below are links to five state-level organization programs. For more information about each program, please follow the links below.

Advisory Councils

Ag Promotion Committee

County Information Program

Women's Leadership Committee

Young Farmers & Ranchers Committee

Looking for a presentation on Ag Careers?

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Typically, students start thinking about and researching possible careers in junior high.  While ag careers offer lots of opportunity, may junior high students never consider an agricultural career because they don’t know that they exist.  We cannot wait for them to discover the career possibilities that exist within agriculture…we need to take ag careers to them!

This presentation is designed to be about 35-40 minutes in length, so it can be shared in a 7th-9th grade junior high classroom.  The purpose is to enlighten students about the abundance of careers available within the various agriculture career pathways, and hopefully entice them to explore their options in agriculture.

Our hope is that the presentation packet provides not only the information about ag careers to share with junior high classes, but the resources to allow any individual to feel comfortable reaching out to their local school to request to give a presentation and completing the visit with the classes.

Are you interested in presenting in helping to connect students to ag careers?

For those individuals committed to making an ag career presentation, we have an Ag Careers Presentation kit available.

**Please request Ag Careers Presentation Packet at least 2 weeks prior to a scheduled visit to allow for timely delivery**

The Ag Careers Presentation includes: (list or provide?)

  • Presenter Instruction Guide (pdf), to assist presenters in getting classroom visits scheduled
  • An Ag Career and YOU…A Perfect Fit?” Presentation
  • Presentation Guide, to guide presenters through classroom presentation
  • Ag Careers Pathways Talking Points, to assist presenters with helping students connect careers to the 9 ag career pathways
  • Food Trace Worksheet, to be used by students during the presentation
  • Explore your Options Give-away (1/student), to guide students to this website to explore their ag career options
    (include general contact info?  Who?  How? Where?)

Request a Presentation Packet