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Looking for Lessons on Ag Careers?

Thank you for allowing a representative from the agricultural community to share our Ag Careers presentation with your class. 

Hopefully the presentation not only opened the door for your students to a world of opportunities they didn’t know existed, but also left you with an interest in how you can further assist your students in exploring the exciting and diverse agricultural careers that exist.

From the student page of this website, your students are invited to connect to a site where they can:

  • Explore career focus areas for types of ag careers available
  • Research individual careers (responsibilities, needed education/training, job market outlook, salary)
  • Search ag careers specific to your interests within each ag career pathway using the filter careers section

This same site has a wealth of resources for educators to utilize to help students maximize their interaction with ag career possibilities, including:

  1. Implementation Guides                         2. Classroom Activities                            3. Virtual Field Trip Guides
    Educator Resources for AgExplorer    


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