PFB Annual Meeting Hotel Room Reservations

Room Rates

Room rates per night for the 2021 Annual Meeting of the Pennsylvania Farm Bureau are:


single room rate


double room rate
($89.50 per person in the room)

All quotes are daily rates, and you must add 6% sales tax and 5% local taxes.

Reservation Deadline:
Friday, October 15, 2021
is the deadline for room reservations to be in the Hershey Lodge Reservation Office.

These are special rates for Pennsylvania Farm Bureau Annual Meeting and will be honored if you make your reservations on or before
Friday, October 15, 2021.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: If you fail to meet the deadline, the rates will be higher and there might not be rooms available at the hotel.  Counties will be compensated for official lodging at the lower rate.

 ALL ROOM CHARGES, INCLUDING LODGING MUST be paid in full by each individual when checking out of the Hershey Lodge.

2021 Reservation Procedure

Counties and individuals should make their room reservations directly with Hershey Lodge by phone or online.

  1. If making your reservations by phone, ask that your reservations be made with the “PA Farm Bureau” block of rooms.
  2. Persons making the County Farm Bureau’s reservations will need to have a credit card to guarantee the reservation.
  3. *New for 2021:
    Your card WILL be charged an advanced deposit of $20.00 to hold each room reserved. Guests will still need to present their credit card upon arrival at check-in and their credit card will be charged upon departure. Hershey Lodge prefers that persons making the room reservations be able to provide names for people using each room when booking.


By phone




Please note:
Please do not copy any other URL links you see once you open your group’s event, and please to NOT open the URL in Inernet Explorer, as these two things will cause issues.

  • County Farm Bureaus wishing to cancel a room may do so through October 15, 2021 directly with Hershey Lodge at the above phone number or online.
  • Last minute cancellations after October 15 should be made by emailing
    Kim Flegal at PFB, or by phone 717.731.3580. PFB will coordinate with Hershey Lodge on these cancellations.