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County Contact

County Leadership:

President Tim Lesher email 570-648-4523

Vice-President Jon Clemens email 570.274.2348

Vice-President Brad Dressler email 570-274-6103

Secretary Shirley Snyder

Treasurer Karen Ulmer


Director Frances Appleman

Director Paul Rapp

Director Dean Reiner

Director Thomas Strouse, Jr.

Director Ryan Snyder


Communications Director Sarah Dressler 570-556-7870

Membership Chair Rebecca Costa

Membership Processor William Geise

Ag Lab Coordinator Janette Lesher


Local Affairs Committee: Gordon Kopp, Josh Daniels, Roxy Levan, Robert Pardoe Jr.

Policy Development Committee: Brad Dressler, Richard Daniels, Robert Pardoe Jr., George Craig Richard, Timothy Lesher


Governmental Relations Director Timothy Lesher


Regional Organization Director Johanna Rohrer


Board meetings will be held at the Northumberland County Conservation Office at 7pm on the following dates:

April 10th

May 1st

June 5th

July 3rd

August 7th



Upcoming Events



County Calendar

Calendar of Events:

National Legislative Conference- March 1st and 2nd

Local Government Week- March 6th-10th

North Central Environmental Coordinators Meetings- April 11th

North Central Animal Care Coordinators Meeting- April 12th

Rural Road Safety Week- April 17th-21st

Penn State Trustee Election- May 4th

Region 2 Policy Development Kickoff Meeting- May 30th

Growing With Farm Bureau Leadership Conference- June 29th

New Member Signup- July 10th-14th

July Legislative Update Meeting- July 25th

County Summer Picnic- July 27th

Ag Progress Days- August 15th-17th

Northumberland County Annual Meeting- September 8th


County News

2017 Newsletters