Young Ag Professionals Awards/AFBF YF&R Applications

Award Applications

Young Ag Professionals

2021/22 Discussion Meet Questions (pdf):

1.  How can Farm Bureau improve its effectiveness at recruiting YF&R members and increasing participation in YF&R programs?

2. COVID revealed several cracks involving the processing of livestock.How can Farm Bureau policy support easing government regulations to ensure long-term economic viability for local animal processing facilities, while ensuring the health of workers and that a healthy product is still delivered to consumers?

3. Studies show more farmers and farm families are experiencing stress and mental health issues. What can farmers, ranchers and Farm Bureau do to proactively promote good mental health in both themselves and their communities?

4. Agriculture is one of the most hazardous industries.What can we, as young farmers and ranchers, do to create a more preventative, rather than reactive, approach to farm safety in our communities?

5. As the world population increases, so will the need for renewable resources. On a local level and across the globe, how can Farm Bureau help farmers and ranchers continue to increase their efficiency in the use of valuable resources and transition to “Green Energy” practices on their farm or ranch?

These questions will be used for the YF&R Discussion Meet held during AFBFAnnual Convention and the Collegiate Discussion Meet held during the YF&R Leadership Conference.

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