The only political action committee led by farmers, and all contributions
go to support members of the Pennsylvania General Assembly who are
strong supporters of agriculture.

FARMER is a political action committee (PAC) operated by the Pennsylvania Farm Bureau since 1981. It solicits monies from interested parties to elect “friends of agriculture” to the state General Assembly.

FARMER reviews candidate’s voting records on agricultural issues, as well as their personal philosophy. It seeks the opinion of county Farm Bureaus and individual FARMER members and contributes to candidates on a bipartisan basis. FARMER is the only PAC owned and controlled by farmers in Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania campaign law does not allow FARMER to accept corporate contributions. All members receive FARMER information and have the opportunity to input the candidate selection process.




Send your contributions to:


510 s. 31st Street
Camp Hill PA 17001

Please make personal or PAC checks payable to FARMER. Corporate contributions are prohibited by law. Contributions are not tax deductible