State Issues

  • Reform to help agritourism businesses

    Pennsylvania farmers that have started agritourism businesses have been subjected to lawsuits that stem from accidents that are beyond a farmer’s control, such as a trip and fall in a corn maze. Other states have addressed this issue by enacting legislation that reduces a farmer’s civil liability for accidents that happen because of risks that are common to a farm. Pennsylvania Farm Bureau is asking for your support of legislation that will help protect agritourism operators.

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  • Construction code changes for social events on the farm

    Farm barns and buildings are getting a new life in Pennsylvania. Some farmers have been able to repurpose their unused or underutilized farm buildings for weddings and other social events. Farmers that are hosting these events are responding to changing consumer demands and preferences for event spaces.

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  • Natural Gas Wells

    For far too long, Pennsylvania landowners have been receiving unfair treatment by some natural gas companies in amount of royalty compensation being paid. We believe the General Assembly must make it easier for landowners to examine the accuracy of payments, and prohibit natural gas companies from actions to prevent landowner access to company records and information.

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Summaries and status of state legislation introduced for the 2019/2020 session.