Education Development Contractor

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Pennsylvania Farm Bureau
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Current Openings:

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This is a 1099 independent contractor position.

                          Education Development Contractor

SCOPE of Work:

Develop, design and implement curriculum and educational programs for 2022 Educator’s Ag Institute program, virtual field trips directed at increasing agricultural literacy. The time frame for this scope of work is October 1, 2021 – September 30, 2022. Estimated work period is about 10 hours per week.


  • Develop e-learning, virtual field trip learning experiences.
  • Oversee Educators Ag Institute program, serve as program leader at the event.
  • Develop and present agricultural lesson plans and materials at Ag Institute.
  • Collaborate with Foundation staff on additional educational programming, as needed.
  • Prepare and present reports regarding educational programming progress and results.
  • Overseeing the assignment, from inception to completion.
  • Tailoring your approach to work to suit the job specifications, as required.
  • Communicating assignment-related issues with the client as soon as they arise.
  • Ensuring that assignments are completed according to stipulated requirements.
  • Finalizing tasks by predetermined deadlines.
  • Completing and submitting your tax returns in a timely manner.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Education or related field.
  • Three or more years of classroom experience.
  • Experience in curriculum writing.
  • Access to all human and material resources needed to conduct duties.
  • Excellent organizational, multitasking, and communication skills.
  • Outstanding analytical and problem-solving abilities.
  • Driven, self-motivated disposition.
  • Ability to work with minimal guidance.

Note:  This independent contractor job description is intended to describe the major functions and characteristics of this scope of work. It is always within the employer’s right to add to, delete from, or further modify this independent contractor job description at any time. This document is not to be construed as an employment contract of any type. EOE.