Stream bufferPlease note: The deadline to respond to the survey has been extended until May 1. 


Farmers in Lancaster, York, Franklin and Adams counties are encouraged to complete a survey that is attempting to quantify what voluntary conservation practices farms have implemented so they can count towards Pennsylvania’s progress on its goals for improving water quality in the Chesapeake Bay.


The survey, conducted by Penn State, was developed in collaboration with Pennsylvania Farm Bureau, state agencies and other agricultural organizations.


The survey comes as Pennsylvania faces increased pressure to reduce nutrient and sediment pollution in the bay. A similar survey in 2016 found that the model used to assess the state’s progress toward its bay clean-up goals grossly under-accounts for conservation practices farmers have already put in place at their own expense. Similarly, this survey seeks to identify existing measures so they can be counted.


Only summary results from the survey will be reported to Pennsylvania’s Chesapeake Bay Office, ensuring that responses are completely confidential and never will be associated with a farmer’s name or location.


The survey has been mailed to agricultural property owners in the participating counties, who have the option to send it in by mail or complete it online. Participants are asked to respond by May1.


CLICK HERE to learn more or to request a copy of the survey or call toll-free 1-800-648-3617.