“Very well done! You have eased my anxiety about teaching a unit on agriculture that my district now requires.”

Vicki Brickner

 “I … wanted to tell you that I loved (AITC). I have thought about it a lot since I got home and it really changed how I look at the area around me. I am much more in touch with the farms that surround my school. Also, I actually try to buy local when it comes to food. I really had a great time and learned a great deal. It was a wonderful class and all of the sessions were great, the people were great, and the food - fantastic. Thanks for everything.”

Steve Spencer


“The instructors were very personable and friendly. This is one of the best classes I have taken in my career.”

Carolyn Morrison

 “Even though it was a full week, with a full schedule, I wouldn’t want you to drop any of the classes, or shorten any days because I wouldn’t want to miss any of the instruction we received. Thank you all so much. This has been the best experience in learning for me.”

Lee Ann Hockenberry

“I appreciate the time and effort the instructors and staff contributed to make this a week well spent... I know our students will benefit from my being here. Thanks.”

Elizabeth Spohn

“What an unforgettable week that makes me excited to incorporate everything I learned into my classroom! Thank You! Thank You!”

Jennifer Crooke

“This was a wonderful week. I learned so much and I will definitely be applying all I am able to my classrooms this year. Thank you all for your time and expertise.”

Annette Hotchkiss

“The expertise of all the instructors/presenters was “first class!” … Thank you for all of your time and effort. This is an extremely valuable resource experience.”

Beth Mapes

“The instructors were awesome! Everyone made this course great! … this course was very helpful. It opened my eyes in many new ways.”

Jeff Koch