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Farmer members

When farmers notice a problem, they want to fix it. Sometimes, the problems are too big for one farmer to fix. The members of Farm Bureau are working together to make real change to advance agriculture in Pennsylvania.

Whether it’s easing regulations on high tunnels, changing a law to allow wider equipment on the roads, or making it easier to expand agritourism, we’re leading the way forward together. When one member has an idea, thousands of members make it a reality. Join us by becoming a member of Farm Bureau today.

Friends of Farm Bureau members

Friends of Farm Bureau are an exclusive group of Pennsylvanians who care about the stories behind their food and drink and are dedicated to supporting the farmers who make it all happen.

Their membership supports Pennsylvania Farm Bureau’s efforts to preserve the state’s agricultural heritage and ensure that family farms can continue to produce local food, grow their communities and promote responsible stewardship of the land and natural resources.

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